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 Feel so out of place in the sprawling space.

Little big man, don’t you understand.

Be weary of the world, be careful of its quarrels.

Steel beams reach beyond the trees,

feel so surrounded not sure if I can keep my self grounded.

People prepaid like pompous puppets pleasantly blind to there master.

The cynical city that binds them to their own disaster.

For they are scared to die, selfishly living their lives.

Taking to much, as such of the malicious monstrosity of man.

Deaf they are to their mothers screams.

It seems this god of man should not be at hand.

Destroying her landscape, she must not escape.

For she mush retake!

Now little big men don’t you understand,

Be weary of the world,

Be careful of it’s quarrels,

For mother is waiting and wondering for your return

to her beautiful branches.

Do not fear, for she is forgiving to the ones that wonder back.

By: Devin Glover aka Distortion Proportions 


Beautiful basking sun shafts rest on my freckled face.

Running down like root it sinks into my skin,

and as it reaches my soul I start to feel whole.

As if the Sun is the last piece to the puzzle.

The piece that sparks the eternal fire

that we can all admire.

Growing graceful the pants do rise,

up towards the skies.

Tremendous trees stir from their slumber.

Raising their ancient arms up to there mother nature,

As she nurtures her blooming buds


flourishing flowers.

For it is days like these that I cherish

and hope never Parrish.  

by: Devin Glover aka Distortion Proportions 


The healthiest relationship in comics or TV.
Art by Bruce Timm (pencils/inks) & Rick Taylor (colors)
Words by Paul Dini


my mum tried to name the first generation of pokemon

(via spikebro)

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